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The top 3 mysteries of entrepreneurial success

I love the creative process. I love reading, I love writing, I love watching new things being birthed and transformed. Whether it be the growth or re-engineering of a business venture, a baby going through life’s various stages of development; or even the growth of a plant from a seed; I get excited on a very deep level by the drivers of progress.

During my career thus far I’ve had the unique opportunity to interact with and learn from persons of varied walks of life. I’ve learnt from entrepreneurs, from leaders in the corporate world and yes even from politicians (Yikes!). In this article, I want to identify three mysteries or secrets that are common to them all, which have opened them up to massive success. When I say success, I do not just mean a lot of money; I mean the ability to accomplish the goals and objectives they have set for their lives.

Principle #1 – They embraced trials

Every successful individual I know has had to overcome trials. This is because before each season of progress, before we proceed to a higher level, there is always a test; a challenge to overcome. It almost seems like a rite of passage put in place by God himself. As I reflect and pay attention to the patterns of my life, I have noticed consistent progress BUT! And this is a BIG BUT! Before each progression came a trial that somehow prepared me for the responsibilities that accompanied the higher level. I remember every time my mother would encounter a challenge, she would say “It’s promotion time” with a huge smile on her face. I didn’t get it at the time, but somehow she knew that the challenge was a sure fire indication that something magical was on the way! And as if by divine design, the bigger the trial, the higher the level I was being thrust into.

I recently read an article on Forbes website where someone identified as “Warren G. Tracy’s student” said “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t”. Powerful words that resonated deeply with me. When I read it I imagined a sling shot. In order for the object in the sling shot to shoot forward at a high speed, we have to pull it back. The pulling back may appear to be and feel like a regression, but really and truly what we are doing is creating potential energy that can be transferred into immense kinetic energy. I believe that as we commit to thinking of the trial as a “drawing back” that will eventually propel us into our destiny, we will better manage the pain that comes with it.

Principle #2 – They went through their healing journey

The best soldiers of war have battle wounds. Superman is a fictional character from a movie. EVERY trial, EVERY battle, without exception, would produce scars and we ought not to make apologies for our humanness. Just as we would have fought the good fight of faith through the various storms that came into our lives, we must take the needed time to care for ourselves and to heal. It just may be that the greater the fight, the longer the healing process. This stage should never be bypassed or rushed as it would impede our ability to enter into and accept the rewards of our sacrifice. Spirituality, therapy, meditation, friends and family support, diet and exercise, music, reading and writing are all key tools that we can use during the healing journey, depending on our personality and preferences.

Principle #3 – They knew when to let go

Key to the kinetic energy created by retracting the sling shot, is the willingness to let go. There comes a point when we must let go of the sling shot and depend on the wind and forces of nature to shoot the object forward. These principles that exist in our physical world are also applicable to our lives in a very real way. Knowing that exact moment in time when we should let go is crucial to obtaining maximum speed forward. The successful persons who taught me along the way and served as mentors warned me of this moment and urged me to jump when destiny called for it. I was not always an entrepreneur. So at some point, I came to the realization that I had to leave my safety net. I had to leave my parents’ home, I had to leave certain relationships, I had to leave a well-paying job in corporate Trinidad, I had to leave behind certain ideals and concepts of life that once shaped me, and perhaps most importantly, I had to leave behind the hurt. Make no mistake letting go is painful and can only be done with the enablement of God.

So there you have it. I hope we can apply these principles to our lives, particularly in these trying times that are upon us and as in the words of Leeann Womack “…and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance…I hope you dance.”

The information provided in this article does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information contained herein are for general informational purposes only. Readers should contact their attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular legal matter. No reader should act or refrain from acting on the basis of information in this article without first seeking legal advice from counsel in the relevant jurisdiction. Only your individual attorney can provide assurances that the information contained herein – and your interpretation of it – is applicable or appropriate to your particular situation. Use of, and access to this article do not create any professional relationship between the reader and Ceronne Bayley’s Consulting Services.

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