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Why start a business

Why start a business? That’s a question that has been occupying my mind space for quite some time, so I’ve decided to put pen to paper. Within recent times, as I am sure our good men and women at the Ministry of Legal Affairs can attest, we have seen a monumental spike in new business, be it sole traders, partnerships, or companies.

I left Corporate life in November 2017 and decided to dedicate my time to run a business with my husband FULL TIME! Crazy right? Especially as I held a senior position in a large State Enterprise. As many have told me, “So yuh leave yuh cushy government wuk”. So why did I make such a bold move? True, there were some ‘push’ factors from corporate life that contributed to the decision, but there were some major ‘pull’ factors to entrepreneurship as well.

In conversations with some of my business colleagues and clients, these were the five major reasons we decided to embark on this amazing journey:

1. To establish a legacy. A business is a going concern that can live and thrive long after we have lived our life here on earth. Recently I was enjoying a documentary about Kentucky Fried Chicken. The foundation laid by Colonel Sanders has led to the massive conglomerate that we just can’t seem to live without! Business leaders want to have that as well.

2. To kick the dependency syndrome. Many expressed that they did not want to live their lives dependent on the whims and fancies of those above them for their livelihood. If they are for you, you will thrive, but if they are not, as we say in local parlance “Crapaud smoke yuh pipe!” With divine guidance, we should enjoy the freedom of writing the pages of our future.

3. To put faith into action. It may surprise you, as well as it may not, that some of the world’s most successful businessmen and women are the most humble and Godly people you may ever meet. Being a successful entrepreneur requires faith and trust in God. We simply cannot do it alone. Everyday, we must commune with God to receive our daily divine instruction to ensure we run businesses that are supported by heaven. Those spirit lead instructions then reach our minds and those thoughts must be put into action! If a thought is not acted upon, it will remain just that…a thought.

4. To serve others. I found that one common element among those I spoke with was the desire to use their business to serve humanity. Yes, you will be paid, but the ultimate objective is service to others as opposed to self-service. They asked themselves, how can I make a difference in the world using my God-given skills and talents? Eventually, you will find that you no longer chase money, it simply comes to you…effortlessly.

5. To continue the growth journey. We may all be familiar with the old adage that says “Comfort is the enemy of progress”. This has proven true, time and time again! I remember when I had settled my mind to remain in government service until I retired. I was permanent after all. But that comfort would have stifled me and stunted my growth. So although I was pushed out of corporate life by pain, it afforded me the opportunity to exercise my faith, focus and determination and do what I never thought I had the capacity to do before. It is a very common story among many, if not all, successful businessmen and women. We get to the point where we say “It was good that I suffered”.

To those who have made the leap, I say a heartfelt congratulations. To those who are thinking about it, be bold, be brave, be fearless and just do it!

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